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Fun place, great prices, something for everyone…

Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design Of Your House or Business

“Amazing vibe, super friendly workers & one of my favorite places to browse for hours! You never know what you’ll find!”

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We make shopping fun again!

The BEST Antique Market in Waynesboro. All items are beautifully displayed and well made. The Nordstom’s of Antiques. Love this place. You will find what you’re looking for and MORE!


The merchandise selection by all the different vendors is amazing!!

Hands down one of the best unique places to be! Must go and check it out new items all the time! It’s like a treasure hunt! And The Prices Are Unbelievable!!

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We truly have something for everyone!

People are turning to antiques stores more and more to find those one-of-a-kind pieces that enliven a home with a timeless sensibility and storied style. Whether you’re looking for some leisurely Saturday afternoon entertainment or you’re on a serious buying trip to fill a home, you’re bound to head home with a unique find.

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Upper Level Treasures

An antique store that looks like a museum! Your trusted source for décor and furniture antiquing! Handmade beauties for your home and office. An Antique destination for every taste and budget. Find memories, dreams, and passions that are worth passing on to the next generation.